1. You can not take away the death penalty for it is written in the bible and parading these criminals around would cost to much.

  2. Love of country is a commitment to fathering and mothering the spiritual ideals that unfold courage, fortitude and loving kindness in society. You have caught that essence in your endeavors. Thank you.
    You may want to rethink the open source portion of the declaration if it involves Robert David Steele however. I saw a video clip recently where he is apparently presiding in the International Court of Justice and publicly insinuates that a pedophile is just an adult loving a child! As you may know, former CIA employees really never retire.
    Many years ago I recognized my life path to support spiritual healing and advancement for humanity. So, while I applaud your critical mission, I continue to stay the course in my chosen path.
    With great gratitude,
    K. June Baker

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